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The Pink Pylon

A Few Changes

After many many weeks the site is starting to be updated. In that time the pink pylon has also been pulled down! The line has been decommissioned and all the pylons have been removed. The pink pylon was pulled down on the 26th November 2003.

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Robyn Brooks Appeal

Pink Pylon Pieces

No date has been set at the moment for auctioning the pieces of the pink pylon. Pictures of them can be seen to the right.

Click on the small pictures to view them.

Pink Pylon Pieces

Piece 1 Piece 2 Piece 3 Piece 4
Piece 5 Piece 6 Piece 7 Pink Pylon Pieces
Robyn Brooks Appeal

Robyn Brooks Appeal

We now have copies of the 'Among Giants' video that have been signed by Pete Postlethwaite and Simon Beaufoy. They are for sale in aid of the Robyn Brooks Appeal.

The Gallery

Until we sort out our own photos some links have been added to ones that we have found on the CUBEIS site.

JACK Magazine

The December issue of Jack magazine contained an article called 'The secret life of the electricity pylon' This included a mention of the pink pylon and a photo.

CUBE Internet Solutions

web design, photography, pc support, broadband, hosting, photographic restoration

Rochdale Observer

The Rochdale Observer contained an article about the pink pylon one it was found out that it was going to be pulled down

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